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This is the parking lot of the referee theory.

2013.11.20 Wed


This is the parking lot of the referee theory.
When a call (or no call) to play the game in the final decision, officials want to make sure that they can get out parking. This means that calls (or no calls) will be the home team's way.
Carolina Panthers at New England is marked by interfering with the home as the clock expired, then picked up the flag. This is true because Rob Gronkowski, he grabbed, can not pay attention to - and the referee standard, if there is doubt whether the interference, then it does not interfere. Flag picked up, the home fans happy, officials may leave the parking lot.
But defensive holding should be called, which will give the Patriots the ball at the cat's 13 years old, is an untimed down, try again. Card may still prevail, the game ends without controversy. But perhaps will win the "Patriot", so that the masses of angry officials.
Here from the NFL rule book: "This is a defensive holding if a player is to master a suitable offensive player (or his jersey), hands, or extend an arm or arms cut off or surrounded him." Gronkowski caught a pass rush ball - holding should be called.
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Monday Night Football Carolina Panthers

2013.11.20 Wed


Monday Night Football Carolina Panthers went lines and ultimately hurt the five-game winning streak postponed, the New England Patriots.
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has total score at one minute to play the game, but the Patriots struck back, the Panthers went 18-yard line. A controversial last ball of the match result is Panthers victory, blocking flag is checked by interfering with the backup officer. Referee, Clete Blackman said that the media in the race is over.
"So it is decided at that point in time, when the primary exposure occurred in Everett, ball, in essence, is underthrown come in, in essence, it is the (immediate) at this time in front of the end zone to intercept," Blake said. "So there is a determination, in essence, uncatchability, the ball was intercepted at or around the same time, basic exposure to the receiver happen."
• beat coach Bill Belichick is not much to talk about it after the game either, but said no one explained the situation to him.
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What Is the C on NFL Jerseys?

2013.08.27 Tue


The 'C' on NFL jerseys stands for captain. However, not all captains have the letter 'C' on their jerseys.

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Where can i buy cheap soccer jerseys

2013.08.27 Tue


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Pony League rules violation powerful new aid was forced out of the PUP list of running backs

2013.08.20 Tue


As a violation of league rules, NFL Indianapolis Colts forced from PUP list activated running back Ahmad - Bradshaw (Ahmad Bradshaw).

     On August 4 in the morning warm-up Bradshaw joined hand-delivered hand pass the training, in violation of the relevant provisions of the Alliance. After training in that state when asked Bradshaw, Colts coach Chuck - Pagano also tried these runners participate in the training of health behavior understatement passing.
     Pagano said on Tuesday that activation Bradshaw is a common decision. "We are on the state and the Alliance Ahmed was discussed and we all agree that at this time he will be activated from the PUP list is the best choice." Pagano said.
     Anyway Bradshaw said Pagano will soon be activated. "He feels good and he hoped that today you can play ball, but we have to protect him, as we have often said to let him gradually recovered." Pagano said. "We would give him daily observation, good thing is that he will resume training, he will return to his teammates and is ready to play to prepare."
     Bradshaw confirmed on Tuesday that he "feels good," but he and the team let him back on the court in question will not be anxious. "I feel I'm ready and we do not want to be anxious, we want to make sure I can played the entire season," he said.
     Bradshaw for the New York Giants played six seasons in the summer and the Colts signed training camp in the first half of his offseason recovering from foot surgery. Giants last season, he had 1,015 yards rushing and six touchdowns.